A challenge 挑戦

A friend at school said something today that caught my attention. In July this year, she decided to stop buying clothes for an entire year. So far she has been able to go through with it. I know I’m going to sound pretty lame now but I’m going to bring this subject up anyway. The consumerism of today’s society scares the shit out of me. And the worst part about it is that I am a part of it, and want to be a part of it. As many others I love buying things that I actually don’t really need. Like more clothes. Every time I think about this I start to reason that buying things (especially clothes) is my hobby, it makes me happy. And if I didn’t do what would make me happy then why should I live at all? I mean, to some extent, questioning how humanity is ruining this world is to ultimately question why we are here at all. All other races try to benefit themselves, and so do we. But a bit too much, obviously. And it’s scary. Really scary. Which is why, I decided, just some hour ago that I’m not going to buy anymore brand new clothes. From now on it will be only second hand. There’s so much great second hand clothes out there that are almost as new and that are both cheaper and better for the environment. The best alternative to buy new things might be eBay, since there are so many stuff that browsing the website is as exciting as browsing in a real store. Since I live in Sweden, I use eBay England most of the time. Of course that means that every time I buy something I will have to ship it, which ultimately results in emissions. But this is not only about the global warming. It’s also about the production of and use of materials. Instead of producing for example cotton for a new sweater I can buy a second hand one and the only bad side is that one shipping distance. I won’t cause any more cotton farmers to die or get sick from the pesticides used for cotton and I won’t force any child workers to give up school to work at the local cloth factory in some development country. Plus, the transport of material and the finished new product is bound to be longer than just one flight from England to Sweden . So, from now on it’s only second hand. My first goal is to make it until Christmas. And by obvious reasons, underwear is not included in the deal. I’ll try however to get hold of organic underwear, if I need to buy any. Let’s see how this works out. eBay – here I come!
今日、格好で友達は私が気になったことを言った。新しい服を一年間買わないことにして、7月以前何も買っていない。 たぶん、私が今から説明しようとすることはまずそうかもしれないが、それを無視してとにかく言ってみる。社会の大量消費主義に超怖がっている。本当に怖いと思う。でも、一番怖いのは私がその消費主義に参加して居るし、参加したい。ほかの人のように、実際に必要じゃないこと、得に服、を買うのは大好き。買ったら嬉しくて幸せになる。趣味になってきた。で、それを考えると、本当にやりたいこと、趣味など、を出来なければ、生きる量が何なの?っていうか、人間はこの世界を破滅することを疑うというのは、人間の存際を疑うことになるんじゃないですか?この地球の動物の種のすべては自分のため生きて頑張っている。それは人間にも当てはまる。でも、明らかに人間の場い会いはやりすぎ。怖い。とても怖い。という理由でいまから、中古の服しか買わないことにした。どこにも環境にも財布にもやさしい素敵ないい品質の中古服がある。一番買い方はたぶんEbayだと思う。量がデッカイから、本当の店で見て回るほど面白い。でも、スウェーデンに住んでいるので、Ebayで買う商品のほとんどはイギリスから空輸してもらわなくちゃいけなく、それも排出になる。でも、これは温暖化の話だけじゃなくて、原材料の使用や生産のことも関係ある。たとえば、新しいコットンを使って新しいセーターを買う代わりに、中古の奴を買ったら空輸の問題しか起こさない。コットン農園で働いている農場主が死殺虫剤の生で病気にならないし、子供は服の工業で働くため学校を辞めることもさせないし。しかも、出来た中古の商品の空輸は絶対にその新しいセーターの色々な材料などを送らなくちゃいけない距離より短いんだろう。なので、今から中古だけ。とりあえず、クリスマスまでこの約束を守ってみる。明らかに、下着はこのルールに含めていない。しかし、下着を買う時、出来るだけ有機の種類を買おう。Ebay, これからよろしく!From my window I can see a power plant for district heating made with garbage, which is a relatively good way to heat houses and such. Although it’s not the nicest building on earth I try to think of its benefits and somehow it makes nice scenery.

12 thoughts on “A challenge 挑戦

  1. Interesting thoughts, not only because of the aspect to care for the environment, but also because it becomes quite clear how stuck we are to something when we decide not to have it for a while. Make-up for example (at least for some people): there was a movement not to use make-up anymore for a whole week and lots of women blogged about it. This one for example: http://rachelrabbitwhite.com/re-visiting-no-make-up-week/

    1. That’s a very interesting link you gave me there. My spontaneous feeling is that I would die without makeup. Which again is just really really silly. But at least i try to compromize and not buy make up that’s tested on animals. I wonder what other crappy business the makeup industry is related to really, besides from helping people hiding themselves…

  2. Its a really good decision to buy only used things, good thining! And not such a hard challenge since both of us actually buys a lot of our clothes on Ebay already! Good luck, cousin-boy!

  3. what a coincident! Just this morning I looked through my account papers and decided to do some math: I counted up all the money I spend (only) on clothes from july until today and I was actually quite shocked by the final number on my calculator
    the conclusion I drew from it is may not be quite as brave or tough as yours but from now on I am going to write down all my expenses on clothes and stop the shopping until I reach the limit i set myself.
    I’m totally with you on the its-my-hobby-it-makes-me-happy thing, but when i saw the amount of money i thought…wow, i could have saved it up or maybe bought something much more reasonable…
    I really like your plans and wish you all the luck!
    keep us updated!🙂

  4. Thanks for the support Elisa =)
    And I agree, it’s insane how much money we spend on clothes. Especially considering the fact that some of them that you’d get from cheap brands with bad quality don’t even last very long. Also, as for me, I get tired so easily of a garment and want another one right away. Often it’s not only the garment but actually the thrill of buying something that I want. Therefore second hand is convenient too. You’ll get something new but it’s much cheaper and wont affect the environment so much =) Wish you luck with you’re plans too!

  5. My little romantic thought to that: When i read this thread, I think to myself that we are about to grow up – in a really nice way. Because growing up can also mean that little things get a bigger value or that you consider some things as more precious than before. Sounds like a good way to me.🙂

    Sara, I forgot your birthday just because I wasn’t on facebook that day. Shame on me! You know what that means? I should either go to facebook more often or have my very own birthday calender. I prefer the last option. Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich zu deinem 23. Geburtstag meine Schöne!

  6. Thank you Sünnje =) No need to remember my birthday, I’m not sure I rememebered yours actually…
    Yes, I think actually that finally people start to be responsible, at least a little bit. Many of my friends are turning into vegetarians just like that, and try not to shop as much as usual. Yay!

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