Bargain of the century 世紀の第一バーゲン

I was looking for a pair of autumn boots. Something that would resist rain and that would be warm enough. Being a fan of second hand I searched the Swedish website Blocket, which is like ebay but without the auction function. People sell cars, furniture, travels, clothes – everything. And, I found these. A pair of Bally boots, worn once, that a woman in my town wanted to sell for 70 euros. I called her, and decided to come and try them on the day after. The same day, I went to a shoe shop I know sell Bally to ckeck my size. And, to my surprise I saw that the boot I was going to try on the next day was still in the shop, although it’s from the last season. And then I checked the price – 560 euros!! The next day I went to try the boots the woman wanted to sell, the fit perfecly and i bought them for 70 euros. Really, they were barely used and in perfect condition. I just saved 500 euros! Normally I would feel a bit bad, but the lady who sold them really didn’t need the extra money, judging from her apartment. Did I just make the bargain of the century or what?

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