Lindholmen – a nice part of Gothenburg ヨーテボリのいい所

Last week’s exam went fine, I think. Now I have one left on Saturday. Which means that I’m spending the evenings after work studying this week too. It sucks. Which is why me and Tomo took a little break this weekend when the weather was fine. We took the ferry called “Älvsnabben” across the river to the Island Hisingen. The ferry ride costs as much as a regular bus ticket. Along the ten minute ride you can see plenty of interesting buildings that you’re used to see only from inside the town, not from the water. Like the opera for example, which is built to look like a ship, and many old pretty buildings. Also, in the middle of the river there’s a station for renovating big big ships and ferries. It’s called Damen, and I find it quite impressive.
先週の試験を受けて、たぶん大丈夫だった。かも。さてと、今から土曜日の一つしか残っていない。ということは今週も仕事から帰って勉強するもんだ。そのため、私と彼氏は週末に少し休憩した。川を渡るHisingen に行く“Älvsnabben”というフェリーに乗った。乗船券はバスの乗車券と同じだった。十分の旅の間、色々ないつも水からじゃなくて道から見る面白い建物が見える。船のように建たれているヨーテボリオペラや古い城のような家など。また、川の真ん中にデッカイ船を回想するための所がある。Damenという、結構衝撃的なものだね。Once you get over the river you’ve reached Lindholmen. One of the town’s universities’ has one of its campuses here and many technology related companies are situated here as well. This area is currently going through a lot of change since more and more industries get interested in settling here. Along the river you can walk for several kilometers and there are great cafés on the road. Chocolate cake by the water is never wrong.

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