How to make umeshu 梅酒の作り方

Tomorrow I have a reexam. I’m sort of prepared, I hope. Soon school will start again, autumn will come and the sunny and light days are over. BUT, with autumn comes plums and with plums comes umeshu – a Japanese plum liqueur that is extremely tasty. When I googled it the other week, it turned out that it’s supposed to be very easy to make. We have yellow plums at home, so a couple of days ago I made my very own umeshu. So, to make the umeshu, pick yellow plums around a week before they are actually ripe (yes one uses unripe fruit) and mix with rock sugar (weight of rock sugar = weight of plums x 0.5) in a jar with a tightly sealable lid. Pour Japanese shochu, or vodka if you don’t have any, until covering the plums and rock sugar. Let rest in a dark place for 5 moths. In other words, it will be done for christmas! I don’t know if it will be tasty though, but lets hope!

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