Small greenhouse and Bonsai inspiration 小さい温室と盆栽刺激

This weekend I did a short visit to my parents’ place. Some roses are still blooming and yes, the summer is still here. To my surprise I also discovered that the kabocha pumpkin that two weeks earlier was just about the size of a Swedish meatball is this big already. And there are more baby pumpkins on their way! And the edamame finally started making little mini beans, my Japanese crops are happy and fine in Sweden too, it seems!今週末しばらく実家に行った。バラが咲いているし、まだ夏だね。驚いたことに、二週間前にミートボールぐらいのサイズだった南瓜はもうこんあでかくなった。しかも、多数のベビー南瓜が来るそう!で、枝豆もチビ豆を作り始めた。私の日本の野菜はスウェーデンにも幸せに住めるそうね。I also paid a little visit to the summer house on the island in the lake. Among these cliffs (where you can see my cousin sitting painting clouds) there are many wind terrorized trees that would work perfectly as bonsais. Sadly though, they are impossible to get up since they grow in a 2 cm crack between great rocks. A pity really… But they are good for inspiration!湖の島にあるサマーハウスにも行った。崖の間(私の従弟が雲の絵を描いていることが見えるほうに)風に邪魔された小さくて完璧な盆栽になれる木がいっぱいある。残念ながら、2センチの割れ目で成長して嵌まってあるのでなかなかとれない。でも、刺激となるね!
Last week I bought myself a little present from what’s left of the summer sale; a mini green house. It was 50 euros but the sale price was just 15. How could I not buy it? Well, now it contains some ivy from Germany and some Honeysuckle from the Gothenburgian archipelago, waiting for roots to emerge. 先週、自分へのプレゼントを買った。セールからのミニ温室だ!もともと6000円ぐらいだったが、今2000円だったもん!買うしかなかった。今、中に根が現れることを待っているイツからのキヅタとヨーテボリの群島からのスイカズラが入っている。

2 thoughts on “Small greenhouse and Bonsai inspiration 小さい温室と盆栽刺激

  1. aww, your pumpkin looks so happy! in my next live i’d like to be one in your garden (although we would have to negotiate about the eating part at the end).

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