Germany #3: Lukas ドイツ#3:ルーカス

Visiting Lukas you always know thatyou have some wicked party experience ahead. The first night I was brought to a group of Lukas’ friends who were sitting drinking beer outdoors in the summer air under home made chandeliers and mobiles (one which  I photographed later, isn’t it cute?) attached to a tree. It was very nice indeed and just sitting eating and drinking outdoors while talking to nice people is a great thing really.
ルーカスに尋ねに行ったら、へんなパーティーを経験することにいつもなるのは決まっている。最初の夜に、外で木に縛れてあったシャンデリアとモビール(あとでモービルの写真を撮った、可愛いでしょ?)下で飲んだり話したりルーカスの友達に連れて行かれた。そのまま、食べたり、飲んだりそとでいい人たちと話したりするのは凄くいいことだった。Later we moved on to a Greek pub which apparently is a place where Lukas’ and his friends go alot. They were already friends with the bar owner who brought us refreshments over and over again without really asking. その後はギリシャのバー行った。聞かず何回でも飲み物を持ってきたバーの持ち主の知り合いだった見たいし、恐らくルーカスがよく行くバーだった。
The next day we went to something that I thought died with the 90’s: dancing in the forest. Strobes, disco lights, trance music and crazy kids – it was all there, in the middle of a German isolated forest. It was quite awesome to be honest.

2 thoughts on “Germany #3: Lukas ドイツ#3:ルーカス

  1. curious about what you thought about the greek wine.. the restaurant i worked at, sold those little bottles. not many of them though. they say you either love or hate it. i’m guessing the later?
    i don’t understand how you get the idea to make a wine with a quite strong taste of resin.

    stalkar din blogg nu sara, tills jag glömmer bort namnet igen:)

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