Germany #1: Felix, Elisa and Kilian ドイツ1:フェリクス、エリサとキリアン

Yes, god morning Germany, with poppy rolls and coffee. I don’t know why other countries, like Sweden, use more poppy seeds in their pastries. はい、おはようドイツ、ポピーロールとコーヒーで。なぜ、スウェーデンとかにポピーが入っているクッキーがもっとないんだろう。
In the small city of Aschaffenburg, not far from Frankfurt live some of my Germans. Elisa and Felix have just moved into a new apartment which is really nice. And Elisa makes it cute with fluffy cushions and colors. This is where I slept.
You can’t go to Germany without eating pretzels, right? プレッツレを食べずドイツに行けないよね。
Aschaffenburg is situated by the river Main, and it has a nice old castle. Aschaffenburgはマイン川の辺にある。古くていい城もあるし。
And many nice pubs and bars with cheap and nice local beer. And desert!しかも、ローカルのビールを安く飲めるバーもいっぱいある。やデザート!
However, one of my favourite beverages is the Radler, lemon juice mixed with beer. There’s nothing like a cold Radler in the sunshine at a German café, really. しかし、私の一番好きな飲み物はRadlerだ。レモンジュースとビールが勝った飲み物。ドイツのカフェで太陽を浴びながらラードラを飲むのは最高だ!

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