Uppsala for a day ウップサラで一日

For taking care of some urgent matters we had to go to Uppsala over the day this week. While waiting for the sushi restaurant to open we checked out the main university building. I guess it was built in a time when going to the university was very respectful. The building is fantastic on the inside as well on the outside.
So, that sushi restaurant I talked about is called Yukiko sushi and it’s as far as I know the best sushi place in Uppsala. The staff is nice and the food is very good. その寿司レストランなんだけど、ゆきこ寿司と言うんで、私が知っている範囲ではウップサラの一番いい寿司屋さんだ。スタッフもいいし料理もうまいし。
And next week I’m finally going to Germany, yay! I had planned a longer stay, than the 5 days that I’ve settled for but things came up, as usual. It’s going to be so nice to see many of my friends who I haven’t met for a year or so.


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