Summer summer 夏夏

I have vacation now from work, since the office is closed 3 weeks during summer. Tomo is here too, so the last days I’ve just been able to have a really nice and relaxing time. We’ve been to Slottsskogen, a big park and also zoo in Gothenburg.
When Tomo’s home I enjoy making dinner. Usually, I don’t cook serious meals only for myself, but when there’s someone to treat it’s a different story. And in the end, I mostly end up making Japanese food. Rice, sesame and soy sauce friend beans, miso soup and omelets.
As summer continues, I continue to wear as summery clothes as possible. Dress + sandals, is there any easier and more relaxed outfit? I got this shirt dress from Marie, who got bored with it. I like it a lot, thank’s Marie!
Tomorrow we are off to my parents’ place, for more relaxing and maybe a bit of studying and gardening. Let’s enjoy summer as long as it’s here!

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