Japanese vegetable garden 日本野菜ガーデン

It’s such a nice thing to pick flowers from your own summer garden. But almost even more rewarding is harvesting eadible things from it. Like cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, raspberries, woodland strawberries and apples.
Being a big fan of the Japanese kitchen, I’ve planted some Japanese vegetables this year aswell. The daikon (radish) and edamame are growing happily outdoors in the garden and also the kabocha (pumkin) is thriving in the greenhouse. It even has a lot of flowers. The thing with pumpkins is though that there are male and female flowers. And so far the plant has only gotten loads of big yellow male flowers, so there wont be any pumpkins coming. Unless the flowers are homosexual. Well, one bud the plant is actually a female one. I can see it from the fact that it has already a little baby pumkin under the flower, which the male ones haven’t.
和食が好きだから今年日本の野菜も耕作しようとした。大根や枝豆も南瓜が繁栄している。しかし、南瓜のポイントはね、男と女の花がある。今まで男の花しか来なくて、ホモじゃなければ果物にならないな。でも最近、一つの女のつぼみが着た。つぼみの下を見て小さいボールがあれば女の花だとわかる。Boy flower
Girl flower
My bonsais are also happy and green. This is one I took this year. I don’t know what kind it is. Some random bush from the edge of a field. I don’t know if it has any potential really, but I sort of like it anyhow. Plus, it’s growing so quickly!

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