Countryside cafe 田舎カフェ

Not far from my hometown, there’s a small village called Moholm in which there’s a very nice café. The café is situated in the old courthouse Tingsholm, which is more than 100 years old. The porcelain in which you get your coffee comes from the same age as the house, and the interior as well. The pastries and coffee are great aswell. If you of some reason would be in this area, this is a café worth visiting aswell as for the taste as the Swedishness. Here’s their website.
Here’s where you buy your coffee and cookies, looks like a Jane Austen dream, doesn’t it? ここからコーヒーとクッキーを買う。Jane Austenののようじゃない?Coffe and cake in the garden 庭でコーヒーとケーキ

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