Midsummer and such ミッドサマーなど

This year’s midsummer’s eve was really cold, and in the end I ended up not wearing the dress I had planned to. But, the party was nice anyhow. Christopher, the host, lives in a really nice country side house some miles outside Gothenburg.
Actually we had dinner and so in the stables, very cosy! (There are no horses there usually, no)
At the party, a bird’s nest fell down from its place at the house wall. The nest broke, and three little baby birds fell out. We put them back with their siblings and fixed the nest. Soon the parent birds came flying back again to feed their little children. The are so cute!
Bumblees, definitely one of my favourite animals. マルハナバチ、好きな動物の一つ!
I think without the fire we would have died of cold…

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