Japan charity event in Stockholm ストックホルムでの日本チャリティイベント

This weekend I went to Stockholm to meet up with a friend and attend a small charity event for Japan held at the Japanese restaurant Sandaime Kato at Katarinavägen 7, station Slussen. A Japanese woman who is a landscape architect held a very interesting lecture about what current plans there are for rebuilding the damaged cities in the Japanese coastal area. She had travelled to several towns who were struck by the tsunami and also showed pictures of the devastation. It’s still hard to take in. With my studies in mind it was of course a bit extra exciting to hear what different ways one can build anew an entire city. Maybe I should choose urban planning for masters program?
今週末友達に会うことと三代目加藤(Katarinavägen 7, Slussen駅)という日本食レストランで行われたチャリティイベントに行くことのためストックホルムに行った。ランドスケープアーキテクトである日本人の女性が日本の津波によって破壊された町の再建計画について講義した。凄く面白かった。大惨事に被害を受けた色々な町からの写真も見せてもらった。まだ、起こったのは理解できないんだね。私の勉強を考えると、この講義は得に面白くて、大学院で景観計画でも勉強しようかな?
Articles about and pictures from the tsunami areas. 津波被害の写真や記事。When donating money you got a badge with a  Japanese print. What a smart idea! A girl helping out with the event made the design ;”Kizuna from Stockholm”. I chose the one with cherry blossoms. I think it will decorate my favourite jacket. 少しお金を寄付したら日本デザインのバッジをもらった。頭いいアイデアだね!イベントで手伝った女性のデザインだったし、”Kizuna from Stockholm”だって。私は桜デザインを選んで、一番好きなジャケットに付ける予定だ。
There was plenty of Japanese candy. And something I’d missed very much and suited such a hot day; genmaicha! (a kind of Japanese tea, in this case served cold) 煎餅などの和菓子がいっぱいあった。あと、超恋しくなっていこんなに暑い日に丁度いい玄米茶もありました!Some people also painted greetings for Japan, like here “Do your best!”. 日本への”頑張って”などの挨拶を書くことをした人々も居た。Stockholm is an extremely nice town and I tend to forget how nice it is that the water is present almost everywhere. It was a fine summer day and so was the sunset with loads of air balloons in the sky. ストックホルムはとてもきれいな町でほとんどどこからでも水が見えるのはいい特徴だね。素敵な夏の日で夕日の気球がいっぱい空もきれいだった。
Today I took the train home to Gothenburg and while passing my hometown which is about halfway to Stockholm, my mum met me on the platform so I could jump out while the train was stopping to quickly get a coffee and a cinnamon roll to enjoy the rest of the trip. Is that service or what? On Tuesday Tomo is coming to Gothenburg to stay for some weeks. Happy days!今日電車でヨーテボリに帰った。ストックホルムから途中に地元があるから、電車がしばらくともったら母親がホームで待っててシナモンロールとコーヒーをくれた。いいサービスだね。火曜日に彼氏はヨーテボリに数週間に居るため来る。楽しみ!

3 thoughts on “Japan charity event in Stockholm ストックホルムでの日本チャリティイベント

  1. Hello Saraboy,

    I’m planning to visit Stockholm in Aug, can you comment some good Japanese restaurants or noodle house for me please?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading my blog!
      Actually, since I don’t live in Stockholm myself I don’t know very much about what Japanese restaurants they have. But I asked a Japanese friend of mine and she told me the following. There’s one ramen shop, which is not extremely good compared to the Japanese ones. But since it’s the only one in town it’s probably worth a visit anyway. It’s called Kimama, http://kimamma.se/. Also, there’s a place called Råkultur that has very fun and interersting sushi, http://rakultur.se/. And then there’s Jin and Peeters that has qyoza, http://www.jinandpeeters.se/jin_and_peeters/HEM.html. Maybe there’s more, but in that case I don’t know about them. I hope you’ll have a pleasant stay in Stockholm, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions!

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