Bonsai resurrection 盆栽生き返り

There hasn’t been that much bonsai blogging going on this spring. I’ve been very busy at school, rarely home at my parents place where they are residing. Also, I managed to kill one of my favourites, the beech, which made me feel very bad about myself. It gave me bad bonsai confidence I guess. My dad has been giving me bonsai updates via sms every now and then, and every time I get the information that all bonsais are fine and dandy, besides from the beech which is still dead. Still dead aye. Well, basically the buds didn’t want to burst. While the oaks are green and covered in leaves, the beech showed no signs of life. So, when I came home to my parents place yesterday I went out in the garden to confirm my dad’s report, thinking I might as well remove the tree, throw it away and reuse the pot. And as I feared, it had no leaves what so ever. Everything is green, but the beech. That’s not normal for a tree in june.
BUT! When I looked a bit closer, this is what I discovered! Look, it’s still very much alive, just very very slow! Yay! It’s such a pretty little tree and I like it so much!
And yes, this tree has some wire damages from last year’s beginner’s mistake. But hopefully they will grow away. At least its alive! By the way, it’s summer now. The flowers, I love them! Especially the honeysuckle that smells so wonderful at night.

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