Felix and Elisa part 1

Yes, here they are. Two of my favourite Germans; Felix and Elisa. They came to visit this weekend, and it’s been just great. Busy but wonderful. It’s been some easy-going days with a lot of café visiting, some beer, loads of food and talking.
Cute girls – cute wall paper!可愛い女たち、可愛い壁紙!

Every year at the last of April there’s this parade thingy that my school organizes. Remember that? I blogged about it last year too, it’s called the Cortege. This year I didn’t participate, but I brought the Germans to watch it. We had a picnic in the sun first. And personally I think that the picnic was nicer than the parade itself.
We also visited an island in the Gothenburgian archipelago. But I took too many pictures, so I’ll just leave you with a cliff hanger and write about it tomorrow =)

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