Easter update イースターアップデート

Sorry for not updating my blog lately. I’ve been at my parents place and their internet isn’t working properly. Also, I had an exam yesterday for which I studied a lot. During easter though, spring came for real. Almost summer even. It’s been about 20 degrees warm and people are wearing shorts and sunglasses. Spring flowers have started blooming and the trees are all green. A nice easter tradition that me and my sisters have is that one of us buys easter eggs for the others every year. My oldest sister was in charge of the egg giving this year, and we went egg hunting in the garden.
Could this be the egg? Nah… これかなああ?

Oh here we go, tasty egg nomnomnom あった!うまい卵。。。

Also, I made macarons during the summer holidays. With grape fruit taste… Healthy stuff! 休みにマカロンをまた作った。グレープフルーツ味の。

One thing that I really like about spring are the evenings. If the weather is good the sunsets are often very cosy and the summer doesnt feel too far away. 春のいいことは夕方。天気がいい日にきれいな夕日がある日が多いみたい。夏はそろそろくるね!

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