Lending flowers 花貸し

My plum blossoms are getting more and more beautiful every day that passes. And now it seems that my apple twigs are about to get flowers any day too. I discovered flower buds on them and on the cherry twigs. Sad thing is though that tomorrow I’m going to my parents place to stay for a little more than a week. I mean, I am looking forward to go there but the thought of the flowers blooming here with no one to see them is a bit sad. Which is why I am lending my twigs to my dear friend Jakob. He is going to participate in a competition for apartment design and needed some green elements for his photo shoot anyhow. I hope they will come in handy, and most of all I hope to get photographic updates every now and then on how the flowers look.
Yesterday Ida, Emma and I went to a live concert in Town. Emma’s brother’s band EF were playing. Very nice. I tried to get a good picture of Ida and Emma but after endless of attempts of which all resulted in Ida making a stupid face, I gave up.

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