A possibly perfect jacket もしかして完璧なジャケット

Today Emma and I went looking for a spring jacket for her. Ofcourse, I managed to find one that I feel in love with😦 I would need a little more warmer jacket like this actually. But oh I can’t spend all my money on clothes all the time… Emma liked it as well and maybe we will have matching ones =)
今日はエッマと彼女へのジャケットを探しに行った。もちろん、私は好きになったジャケットを見つけた。実はもう少し太いジャケットが必要だけど、お金を服にいっぱい使うのはもうやばくなってるかも。エッマもこのジャケットが好きで、もし二人ともはマッチングのジャケットを買う=)Spring has come to my apartment, just look at the twigs, they are getting green!

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