Orchid mania 蘭熱狂

At the moment there’s an orchid exhibition going on in The botanical garden of Gothenburg. My sister is an orchid nerd, to put it mildly. So this Saturday when there wasn’t anything better to do, my cousin, sister and I went to check out the flowers. There are so many colors, shapes and sizes it’s hard to believe. And these photos might be a bit too superfluous, but there are so many and it’s so hard to choose.
Blooming acacia. 開花のアカシア。
Don’t you get the feeling that this guy is looking at you, smiling? この奴、笑っているみたいじゃない?
Many orchids smell really nice. 匂いが凄くいい蘭がある。
And many orchids are very very small. とても小さい蘭もあるし。
What a color, aye? この色、素敵じゃない?

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