Fringe 前髪

With more information, I’m starting to calm down about the situation in Japan. It seems like no matter how bad the events might turn out in Fukushima, Tokyo wont get exposed to any radiation that’s harmful. Also, the more time passes, the smaller chances of aftershocks get. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I have an exam tomorrow, I’ve had a hard time concentrating. The media are constantly posting messages like “big risk for lethal radiation!”, giving me a heart attack. But then, I later figure out that it was only in the very middle of the nuclear power plant, or whatever. I’m very tired and most of all sickened by how media treats this and other catastrophes. Wanting people to worry so that they will read the news. On every site I go to in search of information, there are pictures of devastated areas in Japan with people who lost their homes, videos of the tsunami destroying all in its way. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but I just want true, reliable information! Fuck media.
Today I went to cut my hair. Just to escape thoughts of worry and exam studying. Exams seem so trivial right now…

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