Almost but not really

I lost my watch some month ago. It was a really tragical experience in many ways. Not only was it beautiful, elegant, guiding me in the space of time and one of my absolute favourite belongings – no it was also a christmas gift from my boyfriend. When ever he gives me something, it’s always spot on and I can feel that he has put a lot thought behind it. So, loosing that very watch was very painful. I looked for it at cafés that I had been to the day I lost it, I went to the police station, but no. It’s nowhere to be found. In despair, I looked for it at ebay (incase someone stole it and decided to sell it there) and I ended up finding quite a similar one, probably from the same series. It’s a bit bigger, a bit less elegant… almost there but not really. I miss the old one. But at least this shows me the time. I feel rather handicapped without a watch really. But this one is OK for the time being. I am convinced my old one will turn up one day.

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