Housewarming party 引っ越し祝いのパーティー

Goes without saying I guess, but since I moved I needed a Housewarming party. My apartment is only about 20 square meters big, so squeezing in people would be difficult I thought. But actually, we were around 15 and it was absolutely fabulous. It lasted a bit too long then, but I didn’t get any complaints from neighbours so far, so I guess they are tolerant. I will be a little more cautious next time though.

From my darling friends I got the awesome Philippe Starck juicer, Juicy Salif! It’s really convenient and so pretty!
友達から引越しプレゼントとしてPhilippe Starckがデザインしたジューサー、Juicy Salif、をもらった。便利で格好いい!

We had loads of sushi and semlor. Making sushi is as fun as eating. I should make sushi more often. Blah, I wish I could write more, but I need to study. The amount of school work is overwhelming. Well, over and out.

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