Macarons! マカロン!

Oh my gods I managed to make macarons that actually look like real macarons should! The ones I’ve made before, have just looked like random cookies, but these even got that nice little fluffy rack around them. Lemon and passion fruit taste. Very very nice. I made them today for my mum’s birthday party.
And speaking of lazy days, one of my favourite ways to spend time on the internet is the Japanese outfit site Style-arena. One of the outfits of one girl contained this rather funny bag. The brand is JKC and there are other versions with Louis Vuitton and so on. Amusing.
ちなみに、私の一番好きな無駄の時間のすごし方は日本のアウトフィットサイトStyle-arenaだ。ブランドはJKCでLouis Vuittonなどのバージョンもある。ちょっと面白い。

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