Bye bye christmas バイバイ、クリスマス

I find it rather fascinating, every year when you “throw out” christmas. It’s a sad sight taking out the christmas tree, but somehow also relieving. And of some reason I can’t stop wondering why we put it there in the first place. I remember feeling overly exciting about christmas in december, but now it feels a bit silly, hyped and rather ridiculous thing. My mind has already wandered off towards summer I guess. My sister has put in new wall paper, hogweed. Really nice.
Currently I’m at my parents place. Enjoying some free days before the new semester starts. Although I will be doing some studying too, I hope to do some cooking and baking, and spending quality time with my old folks and the cats. Also, I assembled my old clarinet and played a little. I prefer the saxophone, a lot. I’d really like to buy one. But should I go for alto or tenor? By the way, at the moment I’m reading Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the shore. I’ve been avoiding it, since my boyfriend said it wasn’t too pleasant to read if you like cats. Well, now I’m reading it anyway, and some parts weren’t too pleasant but over all it’s a remarkable book.

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