New years in Tokyo: 3 日本でお正月、三

On new years day you eat osechi, a skyscraper of traditional Japanese food. Most of it are things that are hard to recognize, like various random fish parts. It’s tasty though, but leaves you with a protein shock that will leave you boosted for the rest of the year.
At the evening of new years day we went to Tomo’s aunts house to have dinner. Some years ago she bought kimonos for her 3 daughters who are all adult. But they never got around to wearing them. So since new years is an important holiday the aunt and Tomo’s mum dressed me up in one. It was not a regular yukata which is one layer, but a very advanced traditional piece with several layers, all in different patterns and colors. What makes me feel a bit bad though is that I got the kimono to bring home. I hope some of my Japanese friends at home can help me putting it on and tying all the knots if I want to take it on again.

At the second of January we went to the temple to give some money and say a little prayer for the year that is coming. I hope it will be a good year…

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