New years in Tokyo: 2 日本でお正月、二

Happy new year! It’s still afternoon and 2010 in Sweden, but here it’s 2011. Strange feeling, really. They don’t really do New years here as we do at home. We have been watching TV all day and before midnight the parents, big sister and grandma went to bed. We are still watching TV. There are basically three TV shows that are shown at the same time at new years eve every year. One music battle, where Japanese artists perform and the Japanese people vote if the men or the women did best. The men won, 6th year in a row now. One of the other TV shows is K1 battles with Japanese and foreign fighters. I don’t really know why they show it today, but well why not. The third, that we are currently watching is  a show with some of Japan’s most famous comedians, down town, running around doing various stupid things and whenever some of them laughs, he will get beaten with a baton by a guy dressed up as a terrorist. They are doing this for 24 hours. Amusing… Anyhow, the most important day is not new years eve but new years day (unlike in Sweden where we spend new years day being hung over) . So tomorrow awaits temple visits and more food. Yesterday Tomo and I went to Shinjuku and did some shopping. The big sales start after new years so I didn’t really buy anything. But it was nice to get into town a bit. One thing I like about crowded Japanese cities is the temples that randomly show up in between the ultra modern buildings. Here’s one that popped out of nowhere.
Sushi for lunch, tofu buns, green salad and spinach sesame salad for dinner. I think that the Japanese traditional food I talked about in the last post will show up tomorrow…

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