New years in Tokyo: 1 日本でお正月、一

I’m always shocked about how natural it feels to be back in Tokyo. Usually I’m more confused when I come home to Sweden. And this time, it was especially easy I guess. The last weeks in Sweden have been cold, with around -20 degrees and loads of snow. Yesterday in Tokyo though, was as mild as a spring day in Gothenburg, with a soft warm wind and sun. What surprised me the most though was the light. I mean, I should know that the the rising and setting of the sun merely changes over the year here, but never the less it was rather strange to wake up in strong sun light at 8 in the morning. Sweden is so dark in the winter, that even around noon it isn’t really what you would call bright. Here on the other hand, it feels like summer. And I honestly think that Swedes tend to get depressed in winter because of the dark. Maybe that’s why I felt so refreshed and good yesterday, strolling around in Tomoya’s parents living area. I found a river, or a ditch rather, with some park benches and a random bamboo forest. Also, many kinds of flowers are still blooming, and the orange and lemon trees have fruit. Where did winter go?
And then there’s the food. Nothing beats Japanese traditional food. And cute candy of course. Loads of tempura and warm soups. Nom nom nom. And tomorrow is New years eve, the peak of eating traditional dishes. I guess there will be sushi and also my favourite, kuromame – black sweet beans.

5 thoughts on “New years in Tokyo: 1 日本でお正月、一

  1. Ohh! Gott nytt år i förskott. Om du råkar hitta lite udda frön (japansk lykta?) eller sticklingar att ta med hem så får du gärna göra det.
    Kram /Jakob

  2. Tackar tackar! Men du, jag har aldrig sett några japanska lyktor i Japan. Vi har dock massor i trädgården hemma! Och det kanske kan vara intressant att vi i år använde de torkade blommorna och satte på julgransbelysningen! Såg ut som små eldar…

  3. 黒豆好きだったの?笑 おせちがいっぱい食べられるといいねえ!私の分まで食べてきてね^^

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