Monday this week, we made a one day trip to Copenhagen with the foreign students at my programme. It was my first time actually visiting Copenhagen, not only driving through it or using it for transferring airplanes. And I must say, it’s an awesome city! Loads of nice architecture, both new and old, plenty of nice shops and cafés. Better than Paris, I’d say =)

First though, we made a stop in Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö. They have a rather cool sky scraper – Turning Torso. I sort of like the design to be honest. It’s built in an area close to the sea and with a lot of futuristic like architecture. It’s a living area though, and Turning Torso is also full of apartments. Although Turning Torso is pretty, I must admit I don’t really like the surrounding buildings too much. They look like shoe boxes. But that green house, isn’t it just wonderful?! I want one in my backyard.
コペンハーゲンに行く前、途中スウェーデンの三番目大きい町、Malmöで止まった。Malmöに、結構格好超高層ビル、Turning Torsoがある。建物の周りに、ほかの未来的な住宅があるけど、あまり格好良くないと思う。靴箱みたい。。。しかし、あの温室は本当にきれいだと思う!自分の庭にあればいいなあ!When we reached Copenhagen we went for a little tour around town, visiting Nyhavn, the Opera, Rundetaarn, Christiania and such. It’s such a beautiful town with its canals. On the canals, there are house boats. And well, If Carlsberg would have made house boats…
コペンハーゲンに着いたら、町で散歩しながら、Nyhavnやオペラ、Rundetaarn、Christianiaなどを見た。本当にきれいな町だね。運河がいっぱいあるし、ボートのハウスが可愛い。でね、もしCarlsbergはハウスボートを作ったら。。。(この冗談はきっと日本語で通じないなあ =( )
We finished the day in Copenhagen with… Beer! (Of course) I got a very nice and fruity christmas beer. Nom nom nom…
Oh, and I got new boots the other week. Italian nice shoes made for walking. Winter can come anytime!

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