Mechanic メカニック

The last days I have been busy studying for an exam in mechanics. Now, it’s finally over. I don’t know whether I passed it or not though. After comparing my results to those of Marie, we realised that none were the same. Did we both fail miserably, got an OK result or did one of us pass and the other flunk? Well, at least I wont know the result until in a couple of weeks, so I can be happy not knowing the result until then.


To celebrate that this season’s exam period is over and also that the fall has come (oh yeah here it’s like 15 degrees and rain) I went for a little shopping spree with Ida, Sophia, Susanne, Yurika and Kumiko in the afternoon. For the first time in weeks I didn’t feel totally super stressed, and in the evening we even had time for a couple of beers. School starts again on Monday, but there will be no exams the coming two months! Yay!


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