Japanese in Sweden – Läckö slott スウェーデンで日本人たち・Läckö城

One day we brought Tomo’s parents to a castle by the lake Vänern – Läckö. It’s some hundred years old and rather impressive with it’s towers and position just right by the lake. At the castle there is also a nice castle garden with vegetables and flowers.

Inside the castle there was a glass artwork exhibition. The glasswork is called Kosta Boda and was founded in the middle of the 18th century. In the castle shop one could also buy their products, and I really like this sculpture called “Shock the monkey”. It’s designed by Ludvig Löfgren and the price is about 120 euros.
城の中、グラス・エキシビションがあった。グラス製造のは18世紀のKosta Bodaだ。城の店で製品を買えて、このLudvig LöfgrenというデザイナーのShock the monkeyが好きになった。値段は120ユーロぐらいだった。

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