Autumn brings Germans and boots 秋はドイツ人とブーツと共に来る

In the last couple of days, I’ve found out that I will be visited by several of my german friends several times this autumn. Yay! Suddenly, it feels much better that it’s getting a little colder and rainier, and that september isn’t too far away. Also, autumn brings autumn fashion. I like. This year I’ve decided that I want a pair of new autumn boots. I’m in search of the perfect lace-up wedge heel boots, and here are some of my favourites. Still though, there are many boots to come to the stores and I will wait a while until I get a pair, to be sure that I will be happy with them.

Bianco 150 euros 1万6000円

Bianco 85 euros 9200円

Dinsko 50 euros 5500円 (These are more fun than pretty これは格好いいよりも面白い)

Dinsko 55 Euros 6000円

Asos 70 euros 7600円

Or, if I have had around 550 euros up my sleve, I would have gone for one of these Chloé boots no doubt. Why am I not extremely rich? But then again, this is a good way to feel motivation for studying…

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