Bonsai coffee 盆栽コーヒー

I’m back home in Sweden. Which feels better than suspected. It’s cool and not super hot and moist. And now the berry season is at its peak. Being in the forest picking blueberries or raspberries is so nice. Also, in the forest there are potential bonsais. Yesterday I went, with my two partners in crime Tilda and Linn, to get a spruce that I’ve been wanting for some time and first caught sight of on the geology trip with uni this spring. First we had coffee at Linn’s, and then we hit the forest.


It was hard to find a picture where both Linn and Tilda looked happy, but trust me, they enjoyed digging up bonsais! Speaking of nothing, aren’t these peaches very awkward looking? My mum couldn’t recall the name of them but Oh My God they are sooo sweet and tasty…

LinnとTilda、二人の笑顔がある写真なかった。しかし、盆栽をとるのは好きそうだったよ!ちなみに、この桃、ちょっと変な形するんじゃない?母親は桃種類の名前を覚えていないけど、Oh my god、メッチャ超甘くてうまいッス!

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