Cat café 猫カフェ

The latest thing in Japan are the so called Cat Cafés. Basically, you pay a fee, around 8 euros, to be in a room with around 30 cats for 1 hour.One drink is included. There are cats everywhere! On shelves, in baskets, on the tables… And Japanese people feeding them and cuddling with them. There were many different kinds of cats and I couldn’t really decide which pictures to post here, so I’ll just post a lot of them. The cats were all so cute! But hey were very used to being indoors and spend time with alot of people. Mostly they were just sleeping and not very social. I wonder what would have happened if we let Putti Putti in there. I think she would have suited just fine in this cat collection.

日本の最新のものは猫カフェだ。1000円ぐらい払って、一時間猫を30匹と遊ぶことができる。飲み物も一個もらう。猫いっぱい居た!どこにも居たし。本棚の上、机の上、箱の中。餌をあげた人もいっぱい居た。猫の種類が色々あって、どの写真をここで張るって決められなかったから、すべてを張っておく。猫凄い可愛かったからね!たぶん、家の中に居るのは慣れて、人と時間を過ごすのも構わない。でも、いっぱい遊ぶや寄り添うより、寝てた。あんまり社交的じゃなかった。もし、Putti Puttiをその部屋に置けばどうなるんだろう。この猫の集まりにとてもふさわしいと思う。

This is Mee-chan, my favourite of the cats. She sounds like Putti Putti, not at all in other words, and was very keen on getting armpit-massage just like Sidney used to do. How come I like cats who reminds me of those we have or had?

これはメーちゃん。Putti Puttiと同じ声がある。つまり、声がでない。しかも、脇の下マッサージ、Sidneyと同じ風に大好きだった。なぜ、自分の猫と似てる猫が好きになる?

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