Beach party in Odaiba お台場でビーチパーティー

The last Saturday in Japan we went to Odaiba, the man made island, to have a beach party. First we spent some time in a beer garden with a nice view over the harbour and the Rainbow bridge and then we took it easy by the sea. I will miss the warm nights in Japan.


On the way to Odaiba. Haruna and Haruka. お台場へ向かい中。はるなとはるか。

Mr and Mrs Brunet in the beer garden. ビアガーデンで、Brunet夫婦。

Me and Yukari! 私とゆかりちゃん。

Ahoy Brause is our friend. Ahoy Brauseはいい友達です。

Beach Party!

Observe Tomo’s t-shirt, The yellow monkey. 彼氏のtシャツを見て、The yellow monkeyって。

The water was unexpectedly warm. 海、思ったより暖かかった。

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