Around Asakusa… and some clothes 浅草の周り。。。と服

Today I spent most of the day in bed suffering from hyperthermia or something like that. I suppose the walk in the bonsai gardens yesterday was just too much of a heat shock. In the evening though we went for dinner with Klaus and Laurent around Asauksa. Asauksa is a nice area with many temples and narrow streets with Japanese style resturants. You sit outside and can order traditional dishes like yaki tori. First we went to a Japanese one and then to a Korean one where we had some Makkori – korean sake.


And lately, hanging around in Tokyo as I am – in sale times even, I have done some shopping. Some shoes (for me and my little cousin) and some t-shirts. A big hit is my sailor t-shirt that I bought yesterday. And the crazy purple patent Vans I bought today. Somehow, I can’t help but buying at least one pair of crazy sneakers every time I’m in Japan. Here they are so cheap and come in so many colors and patterns…


For me… 私へ

For the cousin…従姉妹へ

2 thoughts on “Around Asakusa… and some clothes 浅草の周り。。。と服

  1. Omg! Kusinen glömde precis att hon var tvungen att sitta över en timme på jobbet för att skriva in femtioelva rapportdatum i ett dumt program, och fokuserar nu enbart sina tankar på de fina skorna! Thank You Saraboy!

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