To Bonsai Village 盆栽村へ

Close to Omiya, in a normal residential are, there’s a little area called “Bonsai village”. Basically, there are around 5 very impressive bonsai gardens in this area, which you could all visit by walking less than 1 kilometer. Today however, it was about 36 degrees hot and very humid, so it felt like we walked much longer than that.


Unfortunately it was forbidden to take pictures inside all of the gardens, and these ones taken from the outside can’t really describe how beautiful and impressive all the trees were but might give a hint. There were so many many big and old ones, in the garden on the picture under there were more than 100, and while feeling a bit jealous and depressed about my own ugly trees at home, I feel the urge to do my best to grow my own ones.


Cute rhino and maybe the most tasty soft drink ever – Fanta grape. And also very refreshing in this frigging heat…


In one of the gardens there was a little chicken couple walking around. Natural Fertilizer?


The bonsai town is just a couple of hundred meters away from Omiya koen station. Easy to find! The two following pictures are from outside Tomo’s family’s house. His dad is doing bonsais since many years and I think they are really impressive too. As the pro he is, he has a big old-looking leather bag with all his bonsai tools. Different scissors, knifes etc. I realised that to get anywhere in the world of bonsais, I need to start getting my own equipment. So in one of the bonsai gardens I purchased my very first scissors today. According to Tomo’s dad these are the most useful ones. It was expensive though, very expensive. I mean, I could have gotten 2 sailor t-shirts (I bought one today) for that money. But oh well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.


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