A day in Tokyo city 東京で一日

Finally I’m back in Tokyo. The flight went rather smoothly and I could even sleep at the plane between Paris and Japan. Tomo picked me up at the air port and we went directly to his parents place. On Friday we went out doing the usual izakaya + karaoke. I contacted all my friends currently living in Tokyo in advance and we all met up in Shinjuku to continue to the typical Japanese bar for a 2 hours of unlimited drinking and eating. This time we went to a tuna resturant located at the top in a sky scraper. And the food was somewhat fishy…


At the kaisensushi, Tomo described this as “something similar to eel”. Looks yuck…

First dish at the fish resturant – a gigantic fish head.


Tuna sashimi!

Karaoke until 5 in the morning…

When we got out it was bright and Laurent was happy about his gigantic reciept…

Breakfast at makku…

It feels kind of strange to be back in Japan. Like I never left. But at the same time, I sort of understand how I would not be able to live here without having somthing, a job or studies or so, to do. So a longer stay in Japan has to wait a bit. Tomorrow we will look around a bit more on the sale. I bought some things already, for example a pair of shoes for my cousin. But more about that next time.


3 thoughts on “A day in Tokyo city 東京で一日

  1. Åh, vad outofthisworld fint du har det kusin! Ser fram emot fler uppdateringar! Ha det bra (och säg till när jag ska föra över pengar för skorna)!

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