Bonsais from Big Island

Yesterday I went to the summer house with my old folks. And since the summer house is on an island with rocks and cliffs and stuff, there are plenty of trees that have been treated harshly by wind and sometimes water, in conditions with little soil – and who are therefore perfect for becoming bonsais. The first one I took was Rowan with two trunks, wich of one was damaged but still had leaves. It was sort of charming actually.


What I actually was looking fore though, was scots pines. They grow in the cracks in the cliffs and are impossible to get out. At least the big ones. I tried with two smaller ones. The first one, I got the entire root. As for the second, it just said “pop” and the I had the little tree in my hand, without a root. While thinking wtf I realised that it had squeezed itself inbetween the cliff, and actually the root was much further down and the part where I had ripped it off was like a millimeter thick. I thought there were no roots, but looking closer I noticed a small one. If it survives, it might actually get really nice horizontal roots.


In some years, I want my pines to look like small versions of this guy above. Twisted and wonderful.

I did find one very nice pine that I wanted more than anything. It is almost perfect already, with its thick trunk. It looks old and awesome and it would make such a nice bonsai. However, to get it out I would probably have to blow the rocks up with dynamite…


But then again, it looks very beautiful where it’s standing now. I suppose I just have to go to the summer house more often, watch it and get some inspiration for my trees at home.


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