A day in the US アメリカで一日

Close to Trier there’s this American army base. It takes up an entire town called Spangdahlem and when you enter it you are actually on American territory. You can only enter if you have a friend married to a guy in the army, which we luckily have. So, we entered the base and went to the grocery stores. Everything was American and the price in dollars. Note how extremely cheap the ice cream is! It would have been cheap even if in euros!!


We were planning on going to Pop Eye’s to eat dinner, but since it was the 5 th of july (4th of july american time) the resturants were closed. Kind of depressing. But, we leaved the country with laods of nice food, and I got some cookie frosting and peanut butter cookies. Healthy!

晩御飯を食べるため、Pop Eye’sに行く予定だった。だけど、7月の5日(アメリカ時間なら4日)だったから、レストランは閉まった。だけど、いっぱい美味しい食べ物と国を出た。私、クッキー艶消しとピーナツバタークッキーを買った。ヘルシー!

Actually, I’m in Sweden now. I got back just some hours ago. My throat is sore and I’m alone in the apartment. Tomorrow I will go to my parents place. It will be nice to check how the bonsais are feeling.


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