Castle of Bernkastel Bernkastelの城

I suppose the picturesque village of Bernkastel got its name after the 7th century castle ruin that are lying on a hill over the town. We climbed up there the last day Tomo was here. The view was nice, and so was the beer in the cafe that the ruins contained. Of course there was no castle garden or similar around it, but vineyards as close to the walls as possible. Germans.Today and yesterday I got up at 5,15 AM to work until lunch in the vineyards. Hard work, but free afternoons. Yay! I watched the soccer game yesterday when Japan lost against Paraguay. I still can’t believe it happened. No more world cup watching for me.


Oh, and look what I am wearing! あ、私が着ている服を注目してくださいよ!

The most German sandwich ever? With saur kraut… 世界中の一番ドイツっぽいサンドイッチ?Saurkrautが入ってるし。

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