A day in Paris パリで一日

Tomo was here this weekend, and on Saturday we took the car to Paris for a one day trip. The drive was a bit longer than expected and the parking situation in Paris was just horrible. Well there we met up with Charles, a friend from uni at home, who was our guide for the day. As we only had a day there we didn’t have time to see too much, but took it easy and walked around the streets of central and southern Paris.


The town wasn’t quite as I had expected to be honest. I don’t know why but I didn’t really get that Parisian feeling that I somehow had imagined. Maybe it was the lack of accordion players on the streets. I think also I had expected something more grande. But then again, we didn’t see the entire town.


Around 8 in the evening we noticed that we were in a bit of a hurry. After all, the drive home would take at least 4 hours. We skipped dinner and had cookies in the car in stead. Pain de chocolat, eclairs… nomnomnom… Actually, we did manage to get lost on the way home too. Somewhere beetween Luxemburg, France and Germany. I don’t know how many times we past one of those signs showing that you’re in a new country. After a time we ended up in Schengen (yes where they signed the treaty) and could then find our way home to Piesport. All in all it was a nice day.

午後8時ぐらい、急がなくちゃいけないことを気づいた。帰るドライブはせめて四時間かかるし。晩御飯を食べずクッキーを車の中で食った。Pain de chocolatやeclairんんんうまかった。実は、帰る時道迷った。ルクセンブルクとフランスとドイツの間。何回でも新しい国に入ったというサインを通った。しばらくすると、Schengenという町に着いて(うん、そうだよ、条約を署名した所)Piesportに帰ることができた。全体として、とてもいい一日だった。

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