Great cafe in Luxemburg ルクセンブルクでいいカフェー

Last Saturday, Matthias brought me and the cousins to Luxemburg, eager as we were to see a new country. The city was very interesting indeed. The first thing one noticed, especially as a civil engineer to be, was the structure of the city. It’s built in and around valleys, valleys that are full of forest and parks, while the plateaus make out the city, connected by great bridges in all directions. It feels like there are more trees than houses though, and it’s green and the atmosphere is calm and nice. There were not much people on the streets though, and the town seemed a bit “dead”. But maybe we came in the holiday season or something like that.


Luxemburg city has no Starbucks. A bit disappointing for me who is a Starbucks addict but having no Starbucks in her home country. We managed to by accident find another very very good cafe though, where the staff, atmosphere and the cappuccino was beyond perfect. It’s called Coffee Lounge and is located in Luxemburg’s shopping area. The specific address of the cafe is 2 Rue Beck, 1222 Luxembourg. Enjoy!

ルクセンブルク都市にスターバックスがない。スターバックス常用者としてがっかり。でも、すいにほかのいいカフェーを見つけた。店員さんや雰囲気、カプチーノすべて超うまかった。Coffee Loungeというカフェーでルクセンブルクの買い物の辺にある。アドレスは2 Rue Beck, 1222 Luxembourg です。楽しみにして!

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