Das Deutsche Heimat

So I’m back in Germany again. It feels good, I must say. I had to wait an hour at the airport for Matthias to pick me up since he had classes. I perfect beer and dinner break. Omelette in bread? Those Germans are smart. Tomorrow we are going jogging in the morning. After that it’s off to the vineyards again. Can’t wait =) Now the linden trees are already blooming. The smell is indescribably wonderful.


The last couple of days I have started listening to Darwin Deez, the best new band in a long long time. I love Radar Detector, and the video is awesome. Also, Bed Space is a favourite. Listen and enjoy!

最近Darwin Deezという新しいバンドをよく聞いている。すごい音楽だ。Radar Detectorが大好きでビデオもすばらしくて面白い。Bed Spaceも好きだ。聞いてエンジョイしてね!

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