Bonsai cut 盆栽切断

This Saturday my sister and I went to a bonsai workshop in Gothenburg. People had brought their trees for cutting, and so did I. It was a little scary at first to cut the trees, but with some help from the bonsai experts and some encouraging comments from my sister, we started the cutting and shaping.


Carrying the trees on the tram and through the city caused quite a lot of reaction; staring people and even some weird comments. Apparently, it’s not too common to walk around with trees in a bag in the middle of town. As for the result, well, I suppose I’m satisfied. It is hard to know what’s good and not, since I don’t really have that 5 year experience of bonsai growing that I need to to be able to cut the trees for future times. The oak was cut down quite a bit and the birch looks totally different. I kind of liked the shape that the birch had before, but it would be a good bonsai in the future, unfortunately. Now it looks a bit more crooked and less like a tree, but in a year or two, who knows – it might be awesome!


When I came home to my parents place I started thinking about what to do with my second oak, the one that was too big to bring to the workshop. I want to make it sort of traditional Disney like tree looking. So, after some cutting and shaping I sort of got the main idea I think. I need to ponder upon the shape more though, and maybe ask for advice from someone in the bonsai club.


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