Germany for real 本当にドイツ

Today has been a busy day. My first task this morning was to water the flowers, which needless to say suited me. Matthias made me the best breakfast ever, consisting of apples mixed with almonds and cinnamon. After helping Matthias to prepare lunch for us and the other people in the house, including the family and the wine yard staff, I took a walk and documented the area. The Mosel with its steep wine yards is just wonderful. After that, I got to help Karl, one of the workers, in the wine yards for about 3 hours. Matthias lent me his hat, cute isn’t it? I really didn’t mind doing the work and walking up and down in the wine fields is more relaxing that hard. I mean, how could one be dissatisfied with such wonderful scenery at ones workplace?


In the family there’s a dog, he’s called Sammy and although I usually don’t really like dogs I appreciate his company. He is really friendly and nice to take walks with. Here he is with Matthias at the breakfast terrace.

In the evening we drove to visit a friend of Matthias’ who lives in Matthias’ university town Trier. We borrowed Matthias’ mum’s convertible and a hot day like this; wind in the hair was really nice. We also had a great view of the Mosel valley. Trier is the oldest town in Germany and also the birth town of Karl Marx, whose house we actually saw. Trier is like any other German old town, picturesque with cute old buildings. And to be honest, I don’t really see any big differences between Trier and Nurnberg. Well, anyhow. Now it is sleep time and this day has been so interesting and tiring so I’m sure I will sleep well.

夜、Matthiasの大学がある町に住んでるMatthiasの友達の場所に行った。Trierというドイツの一番古い町だ。Matthiasのお母さんのオーペンカーで行ってこんな暑い日に、風が気持ちよかった。モセル谷の素敵な景色も見えたし。TrierはKarl Marxが生まれた町で、彼の家を見た。Trierはドイツの一般的な古い町の感じで、実はNurnbergと本当に同じ感じがする。ああ、今日忙しくて色々見たからねたほうがいい。絶対眠れるなあ。

Karl Marx’s house! Karl Marxの家!

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