R.I.P Mister Camera

Yes, my camera is dead. It just… stopped working. I dropped in the asphalt some times last year, and it’s old so I don’t blame it for giving up. But still, it feels like loosing a good friend. I will borrow my mum’s camera, but it’s not as good. But good enough hopefully.


It’s really warm outside now, 22 degrees today actually. And soon final exams are coming up. So we are studying in the sun. The summer is close, I can so feel it!


Studying in the sun is fun! いい天気で勉強するのは楽しい!

Or is it? 楽しくない?

Yesterday the group for arranging activities for foreign students (i’m part of it) at the uni organised a bbq. We played traditional Swedish outdoor games like kubb and krocket. It was fun, and the students were engaged. 3 days left to geology exam, 1 week left to sisters wedding, 2 weeks left to Germany and 2 months left to Japan… Oh dear.


They are all so intrigued by the kubb-game! Hihi. 本当に興味を持ちそう風にゲームをしてるね!

The French winner! 勝ったフランス人!

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