Some good and some bad

Lookie lookie! 3 of my from the outside stolen bonsais are alive! Happy days! The beech I nicked last week got what we in Swedish call mouse ears (those first green leave that have the shape and size of mouse ears) this weekend and seems to be thriving. The oaks have green buds that might burst any day now. Unfortunately, the elder is looking less green every time I see it. The color of the needles are turning more and more brown and I have sort of given up hope.


The beech is alive! ぶなの木、生きている!

The oak is fine too! オークもオッケー!

The color of the elder is rather ominous… 杜松の色、結構不吉だ…

Other things in the garden is blooming and growing too. I picked this year’s first flower bouquet yesterday and the dandelions are popping up everywhere. In some weeks the fruit trees will start blooming, and I have to say that when the apple flowers starts it’s almost as beautiful as the cherry blossoms.


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