Bonsai inspiration #2 盆栽インスピレーション、その二

Recently, I am writing only about bonsai, aren’t I. Can’t be helped I suppose. I read through some of my post a moment ago just to realise that my Japanese is quite horrible. I am always messing up the kanji. Sorry for that, I must sound like a retard. From now on, I will try to double-check all I write. It’s good for my language skills that I will be needing in July. Because YES I am going back to Tokyo in the middle of July. To be honest, I can’t wait and I am so thrilled.


Anyway, until I go to Japan I am continuing with my bonsais. And as I stated in my last post inspiration is necessary to get anywhere. I found the blog that this post is about the other month. This guy is making mini bonsais. And when I mean mini I really mean mini. Some of them are just centimeters tall and they are just adorable. The way he portraits them in his photos is sort of awesome too. This person is a true artist. I want one. This, if something, is good inspiration. The picture is from the author’s blog. I hope he wont mind… From now on, this blog will be linked to the right –>

Super Mini Bonsai Blog



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