Bonsai inspiration #1 盆栽インスピレーション、その一

Really, I am really lost when it comes to shaping my bonsais. Where should I cut, what should I wire and how will they look in 5 years? Very confusing. At those times, it’s very good to have some inspiration. As we all know, making a bonsai the purpose is to make it look like an old real big tree. But actually, it should not be just any tree, but one that is outstanding amongst the surrounding ones. One that looks extra old, damaged or peculiar. During the geology trip I found some good inspiration trees that if they were 20 times smaller, would be awesome bonsais.


A damaged scots pine that has fallen over probably due to the wind. But it’s still growing, like an old bent man.

A juniper that is determined to live, no matter how peculiar it might look…

This is actually a picture I took in 2006. It’s a scots pine in the northern part of Sweden and it looks so old and wise. I was interested in trees even back then…

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