New family member 新家族

Of the bonsai family that is. During the geo trip I just couldn’t help stealing a little tree. A beech to be precise. It was growing next to a cliff a couple of meter from the lake. Due to the windy conditions and the rocks it looks a little weird and isn’t growing straight. A perfect bonsai beech. I made a little wooden pot for it today and planted it. The other bonsais, the oaks and the juniper, are not showing signs of liking their new homes. But on the other hand, the oaks take so long time to develop leaves in spring. The big ones out in the forests haven’t even got any yet. So no need to worry yet.


The funny, and annoying, thing though is that when me and dad were hunting trees some weeks ago and found the juniper and the oaks we also took some random looking small trees. In the end we decided they were too small to put time and effort on, and we forgot the bag where they were left in a corner of the green house. My dad hasn’t even given them any water. But, guess what happened. THEY have developed really nice leaves and it turned out that they are rowans. The trees that I did NOT make special pots for, gave any water or took care of and gave love to decided to grow. How unfair and ironic isn’t that?


The new beech 新しいぶなの木

The Rowan that decided to live 生きたかったナナカマド

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